How Ready Jet Works

Ready Jet’s patented technology provides a robotic removal system for concrete within mixer drums.
The Ready Jet system works by safely removing old concrete from the mixer drum quickly and efficiently.

With the system you can help keep your fleet’s mixer drums clean, allowing your trucks to run with less unnecessary weight and with a larger storage capacity, which allows you to make fewer journeys to achieve the same goal.

The Ready Jet Concrete Removal System is available in multiple configurations. The complete package is a turnkey unit ready to go.

The Ready Jet G3 provides the latest and most effective cleaning system for concrete mixer drums.
Ready Jet G3 Concrete Removal System

  • Power Unit: 350HP diesel engine
  • Fuel Capacity: 130 gallon/500 liter
  • HP Pump: HD triplex plunger pump
  • Water Jet: Patented torpedo design
  • Water Supply: 26 GPM/100 liters per minute
  • Operating Pressure: Maximum 20,000 PSI/1400 Bar
  • Water Filtration: Dual filtration 25 micron & 5 micron
  • Decibel levels: 85 to 100 dB at 120 ft/36/6 mts
  • Dimensions: W 8’0″, H11’7, L 33’0″
  • Trailer Attachment: Gooseneck design with optional 2-5/16″ ball mount of fifth wheel attachment

“With the Ready Jet G3 system you can ensure employee safety, with no more need to enter the concrete mixer drum.”

Safety Features:

  • Control panel with local emergency stop button
  • Emergency shut off switch provided on wireless remote control
  • Operator platform features polycarbonate shield, expanded metal guard and safety chains
  • Dual rupture discs to prevent system over pressuring
  • Engine throttle control protection
  • High Pressure water hose includes Kevlar safety shroud
  • Hearing protection
  • No need to risk personnel within the truck mixer drum
  • Tests show no detectable amounts of crystalline silica, a human carcinogen